Holiday Willie Birds

We are now selling Willie Birds at Judilicious!

Willie Birds have been ranked as the gold standard for 5-star chefs since 1957. These turkeys graze on a free-range farm in Sonoma County, California, resulting in a tender, flavorful bird. Willie Birds are fresh and ready for roasting. 

For the Los Angeles metropolitan area only, Willie Birds are now available for order and FREE delivery.

Willie Birds are available for order until November 22, 2015. To ensure the best selection in size, please order early as quantities are limited.

Willie Bird 10-12 lb., $109.00

Willie Bird 12-14 lb., $119.00

Willie Bird 14-16 lb., $129.00

Willie Bird 16-18 lb., $139.00

Willie Bird 18-20 lb., $159.00

Willie Bird 20-22 lb., $179.00

Willie Bird 22-24 lb., $189.00

Rule of Thumb: One pound per person

Approx. 12–14 lb. (serves 9–11)

Approx. 14–16 lb. (serves 11–13)

Approx. 16–18 lb. (serves 13–14)

Approx. 20–22 lb. (serves 16–18)

Approx. 24–26 lb. (serves 19–21)