About judilicious

Since 1995, Judilicious has provided its Southern California clients with top-quality culinary products and catering services. At Judilicious, the integrity of our food is the star of every dish. 


We specialize in creative, custom menus, and offer a variety of restaurant-quality products for purchase. From intimate dinner parties to large-scale events, you can depend on Judilicious for delicious food, prepared with the utmost skill and care. 

Whether your event calls for traditional Italian cuisine, or a Spanish tapas cocktail party, Judilicious will work with you to design the perfect menu.  Share your vision with us, and we will make it a reality for you and your guests. Judilicious is your one-stop destination for excellence in dining, be it catering, or any of the products from our Gourmet Market. 

We look forward to serving you with our best!

Judy Gasik